Bankruptcy Law and Insolvency Proceedings

Our law firm has always worked in the field of bankruptcy law and insolvency proceedings, also assisting leading banks. In particular, we assist our Clients in drawing up and filing bankruptcy petitions, in lawsuits objecting to bankruptcy clawbacks, in drawing up proofs of claim in bankruptcy petitions and in the resulting relations with the receivership, in objecting to claims in bankruptcy and in other insolvency proceedings.

With specific regard to real estate law, the law firm usually handles the handover – in insolvency proceedings – of the properties or businesses previously leased or rented by tenants or by the lessee, which then went bankrupt.
We assist Clients both in amicable settlement of disputes with the bodies of the bankruptcy proceedings (for example, agreeing on the methods for managing the assets and furnishings in the properties, inventoried by the receiver), and in the litigation phase, as part of the procedure for forming claims in bankruptcy and any opposition proceedings.