Real Estate Law

For many years, our law firm has assisted leading operators, qualified investors and prestigious real estate fund management companies, both national and international, providing the necessary support also through day-to-day advisory services.

For example, we assist our Clients:

in examining the level of occupancy in the buildings to be purchased, studying the lease reports on the single real estate units, and deciding, with Clients, whether the real estate actions are compatible with the existing contracts;
in setting up the legal structure for real estate operations, in negotiating and subsequently drawing up and entering into contracts which will concretely implement the single operations (for example, preliminary sales agreements, sales agreements, lease agreements and business assignment and lease agreements);
in disputes with tenants, with promissee buyers, with promissor sellers, with buyers and with contractor companies, both in court and out-of-court;
in the necessary actions to free up entire buildings illegally occupied by squatters, taking suitable measures at the Public Prosecutor’s Office, and before the Examining Judge, managing relations with the Prefecture and the Municipal Authorities.

Our law firm also oversees the recovery of lease receivables and the freeing up of properties, interfacing with Clients and their property management companies, providing assistance also in preparing the documentation required to initiate legal actions.

We provide step-by-step assistance to Clients and their property management companies in eviction proceedings, up to the execution of the eviction, working with the Bailiff, participating in the accesses where necessary and availing of the Enforcement Judge, to overcome obstacles that often impede enforcement.

We periodically draw up reports illustrating the pending litigation, both in court and out-of-court, so that Clients and their property management companies can accurately monitor the situation of each single case and the correct progress of the initiatives undertaken.